Customized Nutrition Packages

3-Session Package

$355 single / $568 couple

  • Nutrition Initial Assessment, Discovery & Roadmap
  • One Additional Follow-Up Appointment

5-Session Package

$495 single / $850 couple

  • Nutrition Initial Assessment, Discovery & Roadmap
  • Three Additional Follow-Up Appointments

Both Packages Include:

  • Customized meal plan.
  • Food guidelines and swap-out lists for your specific needs.
  • Grocery lists and resource guides.
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance session rates.
  • BIA testing throughout your program to track physical progress.
  • Recipes and holistic lifestyle tips.
  • Recommended vitamin/mineral supplements to help support your health goals.

Our customized nutrition packages are the best way to approach your overall health and nutritional needs, as they offer a series of sessions that support the transitions your body will experience throughout your individualized program.

Each packaged session includes an initial consultation where your health goals, current health deficiencies, symptoms and medical history will be assessed. An initial BIA screening will be performed to aid in measuring your success throughout the program.

Based on the information gathered from the initial consultation, you will receive your individualized nutritional and lifestyle protocol at your first follow-up session. Customized meal plans, recipes, swap-out guides and recommended supplements, as well as lifestyle tips and suggestions will be provided to you.

From there, each follow-up consultation will further develop strategies that best suit your needs and provide support along the path to a healthier you.