Meet Our Team

This highly-qualified group of personal trainers and doctors work hard to take care of you. We are unique because we use collaborative efforts designed to cater to your personal needs. Since this collaborative effort is key in our operations, we can confidently say that this is truly a team! This group of men and women works with a common goal. They seek to provide care, train and educate all of our patients. Our team has what it takes to educate and train you for a better lifestyle.

fusion gym staff membersOur team is filled with certified, experienced, motivational, patient and professional experts ready to help you with all of your fitness needs. We offer individualized programs which help ensure that you are as comfortable as possible in an environment suited to fit all of your training needs. Both our personal trainers and doctors believe in safety first, and they know that communication is KEY! We are confident that here at Fusion Gym, you will get what you hoped for out of your training and more.

Our panel of experts are here to make your experience as state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind as our facilities are. We don’t just talk the talk– this crew knows how to walk the walk! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get in and get FIT with the team at Fusion Gym!

Dr. Corey J. Schneider
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
Dr. Mike Giammarco
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
Dr. Ahmed Elborno
Doctor of Anesthesiology and Pain Management