Nutrition Consultation

Complementary Exploration

Holistic Nutrition is a different approach to nutrition that takes into account your individual body and how it interacts with each food independently.  Meet Fusion Gym’s Certified Holistic Nutritionist one-on-one and learn more about how this detailed, customized program can meet your body’s needs.

Initial Assessment Discovery & Roadmap

$255 single / $405 couple

During the 60-minute Initial Assessment, your health goals, medical history, diet, symptoms and lifestyle will be assessed. The first consultation is purely informational. The nutritionist will conclude your first session by reviewing your health, medical and dietary background. She then will spend time outside of your appointment transferring your nutrition and lifestyle analysis into an individualized health and wellness program.

The second 60-minute visit begins with Discovery. Understanding four to five of your nutritional, lifestyle and dietary challenges and their order of importance create the fundamentals to structure your individual goals. Understanding and targeting your specific challenges will improve your results.

Finally, a plan or Roadmap is given, along with a thorough discussion of your personally-modified nutritional program. A customized meal plan, recipes and supplemental recommendations will be suggested to suit your nutrient needs. You will leave with the tools and guidance necessary to begin making realistic changes through this co-created daily nutrition and lifestyle program.