What People Say

At Goodyear Health Center, we’re proud of our reviews. We thank our patients for their feedback. We assure you that each and every review is read and shared with our team.

Here are just a few online reviews from patients:


“I have been to several chiropractic offices in my 51 years and I will say Goodyear Health Center is by far the most impressive. From the time I called for an appointment right through my last treatment, the staff was great. You don’t just get an ‘adjustment;’ they get the whole body ready for an adjustment and beyond. The staff made a plan for me that worked great.”

– Orlanda W.


“I have been having lower back problems for the last 15 years, with little to no success in finding help. Many days, I would have pain in my lower back and at times drawing down my left leg. Recently, a back surgeon sent me to Goodyear Health Center and Dr. Corey Schneider. This has been the best advice anyone has given me. At my first visit, Dr. Corey Schneider and his team listened to my concerns, and came up with a game plan to help correct my problem. After 6 weeks with this team, this is the best I have felt in 15 years. I do my exercises daily, and now, come in for an occasional adjustment. I am back to doing things I was able to do in the past. I have and will continue to suggest this team to anyone with similar problems. Thank you, Dr. Corey Schneider and his entire team.”

– Bob W.


“Goodyear Chiropractic provides outstanding patient care. Dr. Corey Schneider’s focus on physical rehabilitation and complementary treatment such as massage is holistic and effective. I would highly recommend Goodyear Chiropractic!”

– Lisa M.


“I have been a patient of Goodyear Chiropractic since the 1980’s. At that time, it was a one-function clinic of chiropractics. After Dr. Corey Schneider purchased the business, he transformed it to the multifunctional health center it is today.

All of the staff members are friendly, professional, courteous, conscience of people’s time limitations and totally customer-centered. They care about each patient and are emphatic to making your problem their problem.

It’s a caring, friendly environment, where you can get excellent chiropractic care, work with a personal trainer to tone up or with a specific problem area, get a relaxing massage, center yourself with yoga, and naturally heal with acupuncture.

I am truly a satisfied customer and can honestly say I have experienced most of their professional services and continue to recommend them to anyone looking for a complete health care center.

They help my aging body stay flexible and moving and for that I am most grateful.”

– Ellen Z.


“For the first time in a decade, I no longer experience daily pain in my lower back or in my knees. I attribute this relief to Dr. Corey Schneider and his great team at Goodyear Chiropractic. The chiropractic adjustments and consultations combined with the deep tissue massage, physical training, and rigorous but careful work out series made available at Goodyear have strengthened my core. I sleep better, am more energized, and feel leaner and stronger. ALL of this has occurred in just two months (mid-May to mid-July, 2010). Thank you Goodyear Chiropractic!”

– Kate K.


“I love this place. Dr Corey Schneider & his team are great.”

– Ros S.


“Si tienes alguna dolencia o tuviste algún accidente es un bien lugar para tener un alivio rápido. Su personal es muy agradable y toman su tiempo para escuchar tus inquietudes.”

Translation: “If you have an ailment or have had an accident, [Goodyear] is a good place for quick relief. Your staff is very nice and they take their time to hear your concerns.”

– Migdalia D.


“I have been going to Goodyear Chiropractic Health Center since 2011. I love the work that Dr. Corey Schneider does. The entire staff is wonderful, especially Maria, Halle and Jose.”

– Bettie B.


“I’ve had a great experience at Goodyear. Dr. Schneider has a holistic approach which I appreciate, and the entire massage staff is very talented. Jason, Jessie, Jose and Haille are all excellent at what they do and my pain is at lower levels than it has been in years.”

– Annie G.

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