Pregnancy & Chiropractic: How Adjustments Get You Ready for Labor

Creating a life and growing it for nine months can take many tolls on the body–especially the spine and pelvis. Expecting mothers often seek help from chiropractors, trusting holistic methods to optimize their pregnancy and labor journey. 

Spinal pressure and a protruding abdomen make it difficult to maintain healthy posture. Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve the spine of unnecessary pressure and reduce back pain during and after pregnancy. 

The human body makes extreme changes to adapt to carrying and delivering a baby. Dozens of hormones and ligaments work together to help the body prepare for birth, and these processes can be hindered if the spine and pelvis are not in alignment. When the spine and pelvis are aligned, the nervous system performs its best to protect you and your baby. 

ligaments in pregnancy

Misalignment of the pelvis can also reduce the amount of space in the womb for the baby. A chiropractic adjustment can easily realign your spine and pelvis, giving your baby the most room possible for optimal growth. Chiropractic adjustments before labor have been proven to reduce the chances of the baby being in breech or posterior position for delivery. 

Whether you plan on having a natural or medicated birth, seeing a chiropractor prior to labor has a wide range in benefits to you and your baby.