Chiropractic Care Can Help Improve Your Golf Game

Chiropractic Care Can Help Improve Your Golf Game


Proper technique and optimal health are key factors in preventing golf injuries. Shoulder overuse and elbow joint stress are some examples of potential injuries. Chiropractic maintenance keeps your core strong and healthy, reducing back pain from overuse. Frequent adjustments by a sports chiropractor make sure you are also aligned properly, limiting strain on weaker areas. 


Warming up and stretching before a round of golf are very important to ensure minimal muscle and joint strains. Chiropractors can show you proper stretching techniques to help minimize the negative effects of your golf game. Since many golf injuries can be caused by poor flexibility, stretching can reduce the risk of muscle or tendon injuries. In addition to warming up, solid back strength can increase your trunk rotation resulting in a more powerful backswing and greater ball distance. It is important to work your entire body, not just the problem areas. From your arms to your legs, control and flexibility ultimately determine the success and strength of your game. 


A strong stance, with stable hips and back create the power needed for your swing. Often, chiropractic adjustments focus on aligning your hips to ensure spine stability and alignment. Since the power of your swing does not originate from your arms, rather your hips, it is important to keep your legs and lower back healthy and strong, to create as much power as possible and limit any possibility of injury. Placing the burden on your hips limits stress on other areas such as the upper back, shoulders, and even elbows. With a solid swing you have the opportunity to improve your game, resulting in further ball distance and accuracy.


Treatment is necessary when there is back pain as a result of strain and overuse from golfing, which chiropractic care can address. Consistent treatments can maintain muscle flexibility through a variety of means including adjustments, dry needling, and massage. Misalignment can trigger pain and other issues throughout the body. Chiropractic care can reduce recovery time from injuries, while reducing pain. When pain-free, your body is able to perform at its peak with a healthy range of motion for all golf-related movements.