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Arthritis Pain Is More Treatable Than You Think

May is arthritis awareness month, and our team of pain relief experts is committed to helping you understand and alleviate your arthritis. Arthritis is inflammation or swelling of joints, and is experienced by over 50 million Americans.  Chiropractors and physical therapists can treat arthritis through various holistic therapies. Treating pain at the source is key… Read more »

Prevent Skiing & Snowboarding Injuries with Chiropractic Care

Winter is underway in Wisconsin, and the snowy season has been eagerly anticipated by winter sport fans. Skiers and snowboarders alike are eager to hit fresh, powdery slopes, but taking time to prepare the body for these winter activities is vital to preventing injuries.  Taking the proper steps, including seeing your chiropractor before getting out on… Read more »

Diagnose & Treat Your Chronic Pain Holistically

Chronic pain is defined as being any form of pain–sharp, dull, burning or aching–lasting more than 12 weeks, but more often for months or longer. Most doctor’s solutions involve complicated surgeries or pain medication that will require higher dosages as time goes on. Neither option addresses the underlying cause of chronic pain and only masks… Read more »

Orthopedic Conditions

Orthopedics is a field of healthcare that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, specifically the spine, joints and muscles. Common orthopedic conditions include: Shoulder injuries (rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, arthritis) Hand/wrist injuries (carpel tunnel syndrome, tendinitis) Neck and back injuries (stenosis, scoliosis, disc herniation) Hip injuries (bursitis, osteoarthritis) Knee injuries (patellofemoral syndrome, ACL tear, meniscus… Read more »

Daily Task Injuries

Do you sit at a desk or in front of a computer for long periods of time? Do you lift heavy objects at home or work? Do you run, walk, lift, swim or play a sport? Overuse injuries (or repetitive stress injuries) are injuries that happen when too much stress is placed on an area… Read more »

Sprains and Strains

Receiving chiropractic care for sprains and strains is 100% safe and effective. Chiropractors are experts at relieving pain due to new or old injuries, and guarantee to get you back to living pain-free. A sprain is known as the stretching or tearing of a ligament(s), the tough band of fibrous tissue that connects two bones… Read more »

Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Over the course of your lifetime, you may experience knee pain and immobility. Your knee is a complex structure that houses three different bones- the lower part of the thighbone, the upper part of the shinbone and the kneecap. Strong and supportive ligaments and tendons keep these bones in place while the cartilage provides cushion… Read more »