8 Halloween Costume Safety Tips

8 Halloween Costume Safety Tips

Halloween is almost here! To keep trick-or-treating safe and fun, follow these Goodyear Chiropractic Health Center costume safety tips.

1. Look for Flame-Resistant Costumes

While trick-or-treating, your child is likely to be near candles, lanterns and other decorative flames. When choosing your child’s costume, ensure that the fabric is either polyester or nylon- as both are flame-resistant materials.

Additionally, costumes that are made of one single type of material will often catch fire more slowly than those that are made out of lots of different materials.

If a costume is made of a variety of different fabrics, they can all react to a flame in a different way and can fuel the fire even faster.

2. Don’t Pick Costumes with Capes

Capes are very common on Halloween costumes, especially with the Marvel character hype. Despite this, capes can pose as a tripping hazard to children and adults and can also be a strangulation risk. For this same reason, avoid costumes and costume jewelry that is tight around your child’s throat.

3. Read Face Pain Labels

If you are buying face paints which are marketed at children, then they should be FDA approved. Always look for a CE mark and always check the packaging displays.

Non-toxic doesn’t always mean it will be safe for your child’s skin. Before applying, do an allergy test on a small patch of skin before using on your child’s sensitive face.

At the end of the night, make sure you remove any costume makeup before tucking your child into bed to prevent possible skin irritation.

4. Watch Out for Props

All costume accessories, including swords and wands, should be soft and short. If you think your child would be hurt if they fell on their accessory, do not give it to them

5. Use Face Masks Carefully

Ensure that your child’s face mask fits correctly so it is comfortable and doesn’t slip. It’s also important to make sure that the eye holes are big enough to see out of, and that your child can breathe comfortably while wearing it.

6. Keep the Costume Visible

When possible, choose bright colored costumes. It’s also a great idea to give your child glow sticks to carry, and buy reflective tape to attach to their costume. This will ensure that vehicles can see your child – and that you can keep an eye on them!

7. Choose Appropriate Shoes

Even if your child is dressed as a princess, that doesn’t mean that they need to wear high heels. Instead, choose sturdy footwear that will be comfortable all night long.

Additionally, keep in mind that many shoes that come with costumes are not meant for outdoor use. Make sure your child is wearing shoes that fit properly and have proper grip to them, so that they don’t slip and fall.

8. Check Costume Sizing

Do not purchase costumes that are too big or that drag on the ground. This will not only make your child uncomfortable all night, but could also lead them to trip and injure themselves.

Our Goodyear Chiropractic Health Center team wants to see all of your cute and scary costumes, so please comment them below! We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!