5 Reasons Chiropractic Care is Helpful to Infants

Most adults seek chiropractic care to alleviate pain from poor posture or previous injuries. We can easily see how a chiropractic adjustment can treat discomfort from long hours in front of a computer, and the same can be done to treat discomfort from months spent in the womb. There are numerous ways chiropractors can improve the body mechanics of infants and children, all with the gentle touch of a hand.

1. Post-Birth Recovery

Birth can be as stressful as it is miraculous, and the trauma of childbirth can have lasting impacts on the baby’s health. Towards the end of pregnancy, the baby is being cramped inside a space that gets tighter every day. The pressure experienced from being inside the womb and during labor can cause misalignments in the vertebra.

Luckily, chiropractors can easily diagnose and treat misalignments with gentle maneuvers. Adjustments on newborns can aid in proper growth and development, as well as help babies sleep through the night without fussing due to discomfort. 

2. Ease Colic and Prevent GERD

It’s extremely common for newborns to experience frequent colic symptoms. In many cases, colic and gastroesophageal reflux in infants is caused by a misaligned spine. Gas build-up and reflux both result in uncomfortable, fussy babies. 

Adjustments to the spine promote proper intestinal function, relieving pressure and fostering a healthy digestive tract. Most pediatricians suggest that this goes away naturally with age, but chiropractors have been proven to be able to relieve colic symptoms with as little as one adjustment. 

3. Prevent Ear Infections

Both infants and toddlers often experience at least one ear infection in their lifetime. Ear infections in young children are commonly caused by a blocked eustachian tube, which drains fluid from the middle ear down to the throat. Ear infections can be extremely painful, and many pediatricians suggest antibiotics, and in cases where infections become common enough, may suggest ear tubes. 

Chiropractors can easily manipulate the eustation tube through simple adjustments. Labor can put pressure on the newborn’s neck muscles and nerves, causing blocked eustation tubes and fluid buildup in the ears. Chiropractors are able to relieve the pressure around the neck, holistically treating an issue that otherwise would require medication or eventually surgery. 

4. Decreased Risk of Injury in Toddlers 

Once a toddler takes their first steps, it’s a lot of trial and error thereonafter. Children are resilient when it comes to injury, but they can still develop underlying injuries to the spine and muscles that only a chiropractor can identify. 

Regular adjustments are incredibly beneficial for healthy posture and walking habits in toddlers. If there are any misalignments of the vertebra, a chiropractor can put them back in place and prevent any future issues.

5. Improve Physical Development

From birth to the first few years of life, an infant’s bones grow from soft to rigid, and their neck and head muscles strengthen considerably as they learn to hold their head up. Ensuring proper alignment and posture is key to proper physical development in young children. 

Routine visits with your chiropractor can be extremely beneficial for children of any age. From post-birth complications to healthy walking habits, adjustments to the spine and nervous system promote proper physical development at all stages of infancy. 

Children can be reluctant at first although adjustments are generally painless, but can become more open to it after seeing family members being adjusted. We will work with you so your children will become accustomed to treatment, and in turn, look forward to their next chiropractic visits.