Personal Training

Training Program Design

Are you looking for personal training in Milwaukee? Unsure of how to train or how to accomplish your individual goals? Are you concerned you may injure yourself while trying to accomplish your goals?


We take the guessing out of it.  We will create a work out for you to help you achieve the goals you want.

Our DNS and FMS certified trainers are highly-skilled in understanding injuries and corrective exercises. They know how to push individuals to reach their fitness goals, and will create and employ smart, powerful and deliberate movements that significantly decrease your risk of injury while drastically increasing your fitness level.

Fusion Gym is deeply rooted in rehabilitation methods and current trends in fitness. Fusion Gym utilizes the principles of rehab, along with the knowledge of strength and conditioning to elevate performance and reduce injury.

  • First, we will perform a consultation to understand your specific goals.
  • Then, we will perform a functional movement screen to understand your abilities and areas that could use correction.
  • Direct us to how many times a week you are committed to training and we will design a program to optimism your training to accomplish your goals.
  • NOW, the FUN PART! Be excited to learn and be trained with your new program. We will train you the first week of your program to guide you on the six week progressions.  It is crucial to be personally trained initially with the guidance of our trainers to ensure that you not only understand the workouts going forward, tempo, timing, weights and rest intervals, but more importantly that the exercises are being performed with the proper form for the best results.

WHAT are you waiting for?! Purchase the “package” of custom design training with the number of desired training days.

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