Workers’ Compensation & Auto Insurance

Hurt at work? Suffering from a motorcycle or car accident injury?

Did you know many of our patients have their medical expenses covered under their workers’ compensation or auto insurance?  They come direct to Goodyear Health Center and have our medical team treat their injury…without a referral!

Our specialists will work with you to treat your pain…even if the injury was caused by a personal accident…or no fault of your own.  Don’t worry about the paperwork. You’ll work directly with an experienced patient care coordinator who will handle the process and deal with your insurance company.

Do You Have a Work Injury?

After all, if you work for an employer in Wisconsoin…there’s a 98% chance you have Workers’ Compensation Insurance and it’s available to you. That’s the law in Wisconsin!  If the injury is from an unexpected accident or repetitive movements caused over time–we can help relieve the pain. We’ll work with your employer to get your medical expenses covered.  Our integrated team of specialists will get you back to work sooner.

Learn more about the Wisconsin Law and why your medical expenses are covered by clicking here.

Hurt in a Car or Motorcycle Accident?

We’ll see you directly!  If you have car/motorcycle insurance and a recent, legitimate claim–you’re entitled to having your accident-related injuries covered.  That’s the law!  No doctor referral or attorney-referral needed.  You can call us directly and we’ll start treating the pain.  Patients come to us even if the accident was their fault!  Give us a call and have your auto claim number ready–we’ll start the process.

Do you have an attorney?

If you’re injured, we know the power of a great attorney.  Attorneys have referred hundreds of auto accident and work-injury patients to us.   Milwaukee has many legal experts with very successful settlement records…and we’re proud to be part of the medical team that delivers successful outcomes.  If you need an attorney–call us.  We’re happy to refer one.

We’ll also work with your referring physician to make sure your injury is treated on a timely basis.

Don’t wait…give us a call!  We’re ready to help. Call (414) 332-6001