James Evansen, DPT, MDNC 

James Evansen

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Master Dry Needling Certified, HawkGrips Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Certified

James Evansen became a Doctor of Physical Therapy through Carroll University in May 2018 received a BS in Exercise Science from Carroll University – Waukesha, WI in May 2016.

Dr. Evansen on ‘The Goodyear Difference’:

Goodyear Chiropractic Health Center is unique in its ability to successfully blend health services from competent professionals of different specialties, leading to the best possible patient experiences and outcomes.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, my primary focus is to teach each patient how to improve themselves through exercises for their flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination, and to ultimately change the way each patient moves their body for the better.  I often complement my treatments with hands-on techniques such as muscle trigger point release, instrument-assisted massage therapy, dry needling, and various muscle facilitation techniques to improve coordination through guided pressure.  My personal philosophy of rehabilitation follows this course:  find the “aggravating factors” that make the pain worse, discuss these factors with the patient to determine how to best work around them, implement pain-relieving treatments as needed, and then use targeted exercise to address the root causes of the problems.

Dr. Evansen enjoys spending time with family, reading books written by other professionals in his field as well as historical fiction and classics, weight lifting, martial arts, and sitting on the couch with his cats.